EasyTrack is designed so you can select the Module you require and add-on additional Modules as you grow.  All the modules work together to provide a streamlined and productive suite of tools to ensure you are leveraging the most out of the system.  Each of the Modules are explained in a little more detail below...


This module administers all the Accounts (Companies) and Contacts that are used throughout the application, including the details of system Users Centralised Account (Company) and Contact Management

  • Powerful Search & Group capabilities

  • Account & Contact Profile Notes with Industry specific fields

  • Quick overview of all related sections (Invoices, Agreements, Titles, Screeners, Forecasts)

  • Create HTML Emails/Mail-shots (for Marketing or Market Invitations) and collate ‘responses’

  • Automatic synchronisation with smart-phone devices and Outlook

Acquisitions Pipeline

The Submissions Module is used to assess the suitability of Titles for Acquisition Numerous Fields to track all aspect of potential Projects

  • WorkFlow handles Approvals and Notifications

  • Ability to assign Submissions to Channels/Division

  • Collaborative/Team Projections based on Templates for financial analysis

  • Business Rules, by Status/Channel/Division, guide the user through the required steps in a logical process.


The Acquisition Deal Memo Module takes a Submission and builds on the data intelligence already entered to ensure an Acquisition Deal Memo or Long Form contract can be generated that incorporates all the relevant details

  • Automatic ‘Deal Memo’ & Long Form exporting to Word

  • Capture of Rights, Reporting Periods, Recoupment Calculation (including Multiple Participant Royalty Payments) & Advance or DG Allocation



    Finally the Acquisitions Module is used to manage and update the details for a program that has been acquired.

  • All “Title” (Asset) metadata including Episodic Numbers, Actual & Commercial Durations, Marketing Fields (Synopsis, Genre, Classification etc), Rights Summary, AKA’s.

  • Titles can be ‘Packaged’ & Cross-Collateralised (for Financial Reporting)

  • Tracking of Multiple Dates including Contractual Delivery, Estimated Delivery, Actual Delivery, Key Production & Post Production Dates and Revenue Recognition Dates.

  • Quick overview sections for Traffic/Operations, Acquired & Exploited Rights

  • Title “Flags” capture & categorise all essential contract details – also viewable from other Modules, and can blackout or restrict Sales Rights if required.

  • Technical Summary generated from actual physical/file assets including aspect ratio, frame rates, resolution, Delivery Dates, HD/SD/3D/4K


The Agreements Module captures all the specifics of a Sale – including the Client details, title(s), delivery, contractual requirements, payments and rights.  Once completed the details are automatically passed through to the Business Affairs, Traffic/Operations and Accounts departments for processing.

  • Logical and industry intuitive interface guided by customised Business Rules ensures efficient and easy completion

  • Tracking of all potential Sales through customised Workflow, which also controls compulsory fields, permissions, approvals and notifications

  • ‘Anytime’ Exporting to Deal Memo or Long Form Word Documents

  • Captures Currency, Sales Exec, Client, Shipping, Channels, Runs, Producer Approvals as well as many other Agreement details

  • Handles Multiple Titles with Fees by “Per Ep, Per Hr, Flat Fee” or Royalty Schedule allocation along with Fee Type allocations

  • Title Delivery/Technical details including Dates, Format, Automatic Materials Costs, Technical Approvals & Delivery restrictions

  • Rights entered by Territory, Right Type, Start & End Dates, Exclusivity, Episode(s) & Language

  • Real-time Rights Collision indications and rule based Collision Approval/Override functionality

  • Title “Flags” (from Acquisitions) alert users to all essential contractual details

  • Standard & Ad-hoc Special Conditions with rule based Business Affairs Approval.

  • Transfer/Posting of Payment data into the Accounts Receivable section for automated Invoicing.

  • Dual/Real-time creation of Orders ensures your Operations Department are across all pending deliveries.

Rights In, Rights Out

The Rights Module is used to search & edit both Acquisition and Sales Rights

  • Customisable Rights & Territory hierarchy that matches your existing contracts

  • Enter Acquisition & Sales Rights with Term Dates, Type (Holdback, Option), Exclusivity, Territories, Rights (Pay TV, VOD, Format, Theatrical, Merchandising and more)

  • Split Episodic entries

  • Handles any prior Sales Histories and Catalogue Acquisitions

  • Powerful, multi-level availability reporting

  • Real-time Collision detection

  • Fragment & Consolidation of Rights

  • Creation of ‘Footprints’ allows users to apply third party definitions of territories and rights to your own definitions.

Document Management

The Document Centre screen contains all the legal, support and marketing documents for all the titles, accounts and agreements in the system, organised in an easily and accessible manner.

  • Store any Document Type (Word, Excel, PDF etc) and relate to multiple Objects (Accounts, Titles, Agreements)

  • Metadata exchange designed to share Title data with other systems

  • Store important emails and associate with multiple objects (Accounts, Titles, Agreements)

  • Metadata exchange designed to share Title data with other systems

  • Image Library management for Marketing Images.

  • Simple yet powerful Import Utility for incoming Acquisition materials.

  • Integration with DropBox, GoogleDrive and OneDrive Accounts

Forecasting & Performance Tracking
  • Live ‘dashboard’ analysis and graphical representation

  • Quickly build sales projections for new Titles

  • Build Company, Divisional, and User Budgets, allocated to Titles, Genre and Territories

  • Re-Forecasting against existing Budgets

  • Assign Sales Exec incentives & commissions to Users, Territories and/or Titles

  • Track Sales Targets against Actual Sales – by Title, Territory, Sales Exec, Division and Dates

  • Sales Exec can track their individual performance and view their ‘incentives’ in real time.


The Screener (Previews) module is used to create and audit ‘Preview Orders’ (DVD’s) of titles, as well as the details of on-line screening usage

  • Track and Report on physical & online screener activity.

  • Multiple Reports and automatic ‘screened’ notifications for Sales Team to target and manage potential Sales.

  • Optional On-Site Market App to create Screener orders remotely, with client notifications via email.

Payments & Royalties

Incorporates many functions across all modules to ensure a cohesive and enterprise driven set of rules and processes are in place to capture all costs and generate sales invoices in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Can easily handle Multi-Currency and perform cross-currency exchange for reporting and financial calculations.

  • Track Sales Targets against Actual Sales – by Title, Territory, Sales Exec, Division and Dates

  • Accounts Payable & Receivable sections for the complete capture and integration of costs & revenue.

  • Advanced allocation of costs to ensure accurate and reliable revenue reporting.

  • WorkFlow based approvals for all accounting related activities

  • Export AR Invoices to Word, Excel or PDF.

  • Integration with Navision, Xero, Sage & AccountView Accounting Systems

  • Complete Producer Royalty Reporting, based on ‘Report Periods’ or ‘To Date’ functions.


This Module contains the ‘Materials’ inventory – either physical or digital as well as all your support materials

  • Intelligent field ‘changes’ based upon item ‘Type’

  • Track all movements of physical assets

  • Comprehensive search capabilities

  • Directly links to other modules to track client materials and availability

  • MAM integration for B2B connectivity


The Open Orders Module is used by the Traffic/Operations Department to fulfil Sales Agreements

  • Track Agreement orders by Title including delivery dates, method, tape/file deliveries and all support delivery requirements.

  • Optional FTP integration allows client to access your support materials (music cues, scripts, images etc etc)

  • DHL, UPS & FedEx tracking

  • Duplication/Post House Business-to-Business data exchange can deliver real time order processing updates and despatch (either physical or virtual) updates in real time.

Cross-Module Functions
  • Task and WorkFlow management console to help with alerts & user workload.

  • Integrated Active Directory Log-In authentication

  • Multi-layer permissions by Division, Module, Groups and User

  • ‘Advanced’ functionality assignable to individual Groups and/or Users

  • All user activities logged for auditability

  • Delegation control from within the application

  • Simple Permissions Reporting

  • Field renaming allows you to change any field to match your terminology

  • All Options, Statuses and lists completely customisable (pre-delivered with standard options).

  • Enterprise grade permissions and security throughout


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