About Easytrack

Founded in 2008, EasyTrack is a rights- and sales-management company whose software and services have been developed for the TV distribution industry by a team of former acquisitions and distribution executives. The company’s technology gives its clients total control over every link in the distribution chain — rights management, acquisitions, sales, financial reporting and servicing — integrating these traditionally separate activities into a seamless process that has a measurable impact on productivity and profits.

Designed and built by tech experts who also have creative and commercial experience of TV production and distribution, EasyTrack’s systems are user-friendly, intuitive and scaleable to distributors of all shapes, weights and sizes, from super-indies to boutiques. The company’s experience of the global TV industry combined with its in-depth understanding of a niche market has won it a portfolio of powerful clients. Its rapidly expanding roster includes Endemol Shine, Zodiak, Passion Distribution, Off The Fence, Kaleidoscope Film Distribution and Earth Touch.

Management Team
Christian McGowan
Founder & CEO

Christian McGowan has 25 years of experience in the international television industry, from both sides of the creative/commercial divide. His career trajectory has taken him from production and post-production to distribution and systems development — and from Australia to the UK. Prior to founding EasyTrack, McGowan spent 10 years as head of operations for Southern Star Group (now part of Endemol Shine), with a brief that covered the spectrum of content distribution. During this time, he saw a clear need for an efficient, cohesive and intuitive software system to integrate the various stages in the distribution cycle. The result was EasyTrack, which launched in 2008 in Sydney, before opening a London office in 2016.

Alison Baker

Alison Baker joined EasyTrack in early 2016 from Foxtel’s Lifestyle Channels, where she served as acquisitions manager. In her role as London-based director of EasyTrack, she is drawing on her 20-plus years of international TV experience to consolidate the company’s presence in the UK market and drive its expansion into Europe. With a track record of delivering revenue growth at the highest level, Baker’s strong communication and negotiation skills were forged while working with some of the biggest names in UK and Australian television. Her CV includes executive positions at ABC Australia, Southern Star International (now part of Endemol Shine), Mayfair Television International and Polygram Television International.